Drug Rehab Tallahassee will get you clean if you let them
Drug Rehab Tallahassee will help you only if you want them to. You should approach rehab with an open mind. They're very good at what they do here. They were RAs who helped me and became my friends. The experience has been really great. Including the office staff, counselors, and my housemates, there are plenty of awesome people at Drug Rehab Tallahassee who helped me sober up.
, Tallahassee Feb 28, 2012

Drug Rehab Tallahassee helped me clear my head
Drug Rehab Tallahassee gave me time to sit down and think. The RAs and doctors let me take as much time as I needed to make sense of my current situation. Afterwards, this therapy got me to a better state of mind. Before Rehab, I needed a couple of days in detox, which helped to ease the withdrawal, but didn’t fix my 'cravings'. Their facility is centered on individual recovery, why you require addiction treatment, and the best way to operate in the 'real world’ without using drugs. At first it looks like they’re simply preaching to you with a bunch of useless drivel, but after a while you start to see how helpful their tips really are.
, Tallahassee Apr 13, 2011

Honest and serious about my sobriety
I was really embarrassed, and a bit intimidated of what it would be like at Drug Rehab Tallahassee. When I first arrived, the people there were very welcoming and kind. I was very surprised how they started calling me by my first name even on my first day there. All of my housemates were very candid and focused on their sobriety. I absolutely hated my first couple of nights; however, the facility and people made it better. I was bitter and hated hearing the truth about my drug problem: I was in rehab and required help. They have helped me stay clean.
, Tallahassee Aug 24, 2011

Drug Rehab Tallahassee has been one of the most important, positive influences on my life.
A lot of people don’t actually understand that the facility is for individuals attempting to recover from active addictions, and so they’re not on vacation. Completing the treatment program at Drug Rehab Tallahassee has been one of the most important, positive experiences in my life. As long as you work diligently in the program and use their tools, you’ll get clean. Don’t try to ‘hook up’ with your housemates - rehab doesn’t work that way. Looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t actually productive since you are there to work on YOUR addiction issues, not the problems of being in a relationship.
, Tallahassee Oct 15, 2011

They push you to succeed
Everyone at the center wants you to succeed. RAs, counselors, and therapists all help with your recovery process. They teach you about addiction, and provide you with every possible tool necessary to get clean. Don’t blame them if you go back to using, because you must work hard in order for the program to work for you. You need to start listening to their advice and strategies. Understand that nobody will judge you when you're honest with yourself and others. Rehab isn’t a place for your ego. You need to be ready to confront your inner demons and ask others for help. It was most necessary for me to get my family back, and Drug Rehab Tallahassee has weekly family visitation and education. My family learned as much about dependency as I did. This is the best way to support recovering addicts.
, Tallahassee Jun 29, 2011
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